Hannah and her dolly

Hannah is now 6-1/2 years old and has lived at HBC for 3 years. She was brought to the home by her grandfather who is very elderly.  She was small but, had a huge parental gap in her heart due to the loss of her mother. Her health wasn’t too bad but her grandfather was very concerned about her future and that is why she was brought to the home. Today Hannah is happy because she has someone to call on and also to trust  as mum and dad in her life now. She is also happy because you have met her basic needs which the grandfather may not have been able to to provide for her. Her grandmother passed away last year which increased the burden of the grandfather who is taking care of four of Hannah’s siblings. She also is able to attend school where she is doing well.  She is also helping with small responsibilities like making her bed. Thank You so much for thinking about her life. May God Bless you for your love.

From, Dad (Pastor Reuben) and Mum (Grace) – March 2010