Upon returning from our exciting family missions trip to Kenya, one thing that stood out to us was that this is no ordinary orphanage.  If fact, what we saw wasn’t even an “orphanage” at all, but a loving family.  A very big loving family that treated each other with respect and would do just about anything for each other.  The children found real hope, real peace; they found love.

Nathan, Brittany, Melody, Shawn, Lisa & Rick Monyer

As many of you know, my family and I along with my brother Nathan, travelled to Kenya for two weeks to visit Harvest Blessings Centre.  For most of the trip we stayed right in the home with the children and house parents.  This left a lasting impression on all of us and we are still sifting through all that we experienced marveling at the work that God is doing.  Of course we got to “get out” and experience Kenya by going on a safari at Lake Nakuru and we visited the David Sheldrick elephant orphanage in Nairobi.  Also, the experience of walking across the Athi river just feet away from the waterfalls plummeting over was quite memorable also.  That was at Fourteen Falls in Kilimambogo not far from Ngoliba.  So we had a lot of fun together as a family and thank God to have had the opportunity to go there.  We feel very blessed.

It was spending time with the children and house parents, getting to know them and seeing the dynamics of the home that really opened our eyes to the reality of what God is doing.  What we discovered was that they didn’t have any orphans staying there at the “orphanage”.  We soon learned that the house parents have emotionally and spiritually adopted each child as their very own.  They see no difference between their own flesh and blood and the children who come in from many different backgrounds with many different problems.  To the house parents, this is not a job for them and they don’t do it for the dependable income or the nice roof over their head.  This is a calling, a ministry to them and they have completely laid down their lives for the sake of these children because they understand the impact they are making.

Steven Kimethu

The vision of HBC is to transform a nation, one child at a time and we truly see this vision unfolding even though it hasn’t come to full maturity yet.  But I know one day, we will see the “first fruits” of the labor of love that has gone into preparing this generation and we will see the demonstration of God’s power and authority working through them.  But it doesn’t stop there.  The house parents are raising their children in the fear of the Lord and each of the children already have dreams and visions of how they want to be used by God.  So eventually they will go out and live out that call that is on their life to be vessels that God can pour out His glory from.  Also, some of them may decide to get married and start a family of their own and make the house parents at HBC grandparents.  This is what we see unfolding and the work that we are doing now is going to affect many generations.

Perez Mwendwa and Simon Kitheka (Twin brothers)

I began to get this picture of these children coming from such terrible homes, some on the verge of death, some bound by evil spirits, and some just feeling so worthless and hopeless.  And God showed me a vision from Isaiah chapter 61 of the work that the house parents are doing and the vision for the future.  How He is bring restoration and rebuilding what was once lost and desolate but is now becoming complete.  I saw the generational curses and oppression from poverty and sickness that was upon these children being passed down.  Then I saw them being grafted into a new family and all those generational curses being broken off of them and them now having generational blessings that are passed down to them from their new parents.  So we believe that these generational blessings because of the covering of the Lord will be passed down to future generations.  This is something only the Lord can do and sustain.

There is so much that could be said about the vision and how God is bringing it to pass.  But if you feel like this is a worthy ministry to invest in and you want to be part of planting and sowing into this work and one day see the “first fruits”, then I encourage you to become one of our sponsors.  Every little bit helps and by each of us giving out of the extra that the Lord has blessed us with, we can really make a difference.  Also, each of these children and the house parents pray daily for the sponsors (by name) and I know that there is an extra blessing that goes along with being a sponsor.  Please contact us if you have any interest by filling out the convenient online “Sponsorship Interest” form or by phone or e-mail.  Also, we are looking for opportunities to spread the vision of this work in Kenya with others and would be willing to travel to any church, social group, school, or even home if you are willing to host an HBC Vision Night.  Please help us spread the word and let’s see what God will do!  Online Contact Form

Rose Ndunge then and now

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