Renis Coloring

Renis came to HBC in March of 2007 when we was 4 years old. He was brought to the home after the death of his parents who died at different times. He was in good health but in need of a home. His paternal grandmother who had been taking care of him passed away in the year 2008. By this time, the boy had already gotten used to the new environment in the home but thankfully, he had a chance to attend the burial of the old woman. Today, Renis is 7 years old and in class one at school. He is a bright boy who is top in his class. We wholly motivate this boy and because of your gifts, he has shown a lot of interest in his education. He is now empowered and during his happy moments he opens up and gives his ambitions. He even talks about becoming President one day. He is also good at mobilizing the other children during evening devotions where he leads in prayers and acts as the pastor of the group. Thank You for all you have done in helping Renis. May God Bless You.

From, Dad (Pastor Reuben) and Mum (Grace) – March 2010