Brian coloring a picture for his sponsor

Brian was around four years old when he came to this centre. The noticeable problem in his life was poor feeding which has reduced his size and stagnated his growth. He was a fearful boy, but after days of attending him he opened up and is a real joker now. He is in class one at school and likes playing football (soccer) and athletics. He says that when he grows up, he would like to be a pilot. Whenever he hears the roar of an aeroplane, he follows it’s noise and makes sure that the other children keep quiet so that he can give them a story about his dream. One afternoon a helicopter hovered over this home and came very close to the premises three times. Brian made sure that he waved in the air and the man who was near the window waved back to this boy. This evening the selling story was Brian’s and he appeared to others as the flavor of the month.

Thank-you for the hand that you give to this child!

From, Dad (Pastor Reuben) and Mum (Grace) – March 2010