Faith colors a picture for her sponsor

Faith is now six and a half years old and has been at HBC for two and a half years. Thank you so much on behalf of Faith because you took her when she really needed your help. On her arrival in the home, she didn’t even have shoes. Her best clothing and the only clothes she had was an old, borrowed school uniform that was too big for her. Her eyes communicated desperation and poverty. Her health was very poor.  She had boarded a vehicle for the first time in her life the day she came. She had never even seen tap water or even a toilet her whole life. The rooms, bed, clothes, food and the environment in general was very scary to her in the beginning. Little did she know that all was meant for her good. Now through God and your support, you have brought light, hope and a future in her life. She is healthy now and learning very well in school with all of her needs now met. Also, she now has all of her new brothers and sisters around her along with a new mummy and daddy she can trust.

Thank-you so much for what you are doing. May the Lord God bless and increase you!

From, Dad (Pastor Reuben) and Mum (Grace) – March 2010

*ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Faith came to the home with her brother Joel Agape and you can read about his powerful deliverance from evil spirits on his update page.