Joel colors a picture for his sponsor

Agape came to this home a very tormented boy and was opposing any form of authority. He could not let go of any dangerous item, be it a knife or any sharp object. If forced to let go, he would scream and fight back. A lot of prayers helped to deliver this boy from the bondage of even nightmares and hallucinations. There were many sleepless nights. He is now delivered and very settled. He is ready to obey and this has helped him to be in pre-unit and in perfect peace with the other children. He would like to be a prayerful pastor someday. He always prays for a van. He is a younger brother to Faith Mutanu.

Thank-you for the big help you give to Agape!

From, Dad (Pastor Reuben) and Mum (Grace) – March 2010

*ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Joel Agape came into the home with the Swahili name Kombo which means “the wrong way”. So we changed it to Agape which means “Love”, the only kind of love that can come through our Heavenly Father.