Lensa Adhiambo

She is a quiet, cool and beautiful girl of six years old now.  She has been in the home for two years now.  Thank you for accepting to help Lensa have hope where there was no hope.  After the December 2007 elections in Kenya, the aftermath tribal clashes in January 2008 left her alone and without a guardian.  She was brought into our home where we took her and cared for her.  She also received new parents along with many brothers and sisters in her life now.  When she came to us, her scalp was very sick with ringworms and sores.  Her stomach was extraordinarily big because of worms and malnutrition.  She had no clothes except for the ones she was wearing.  Thank God for you that you have provided money for her medication, clothing, food, and also shelter after being displaced due to the clashes between tribes.  Your help came just when she needed it the most because it helped her forget and heal quickly from the trauma she had gone through.  You made her smile when she didn’t have a reason to.  She’s doing very well in education, health wise and also spiritually.  God bless you and increase you as you continue to support Lensa.

From, Dad (Pastor Reuben) and Mum (Grace) – March 2010