Mary Njeri

Mary is a short, cute jovial and ever smiling little girl.  Thank God you came into her life. On her arrival day, you wouldn’t have stared at her twice.  In fact, the other children in the home at that time all ran away from her screaming.  Two and a half years old then, malnourished, skinny and her fingers and toes were eaten up by jiggers.  She also had burn blisters on her stomach and thighs due to negligence.  You wouldn’t have liked her.  I am not God and I don’t give life, but in my assessment then, she couldn’t have gone another month without any medical attention.  She was totally desperate and needed immediate help.  A three year old girl only fitting in clothes for a six month old and she had trouble standing and eating on her own.  She didn’t have nails on her fingers and toes due to the jiggers and they continued to eat her up because of the lack of food and poverty.  But after only one month at HBC, Mary was looking good, recovery quickly and retaining good health.  She will be turning five in the month of June.  Thank God for you!  You helped bring Mary back and also gave her a future.  After Mary’s burns had healed, she was so proud of her recovery that she would take off her shirt and show everyone so they could see she is better.  What a great hope you gave to her.  She was healed completely and now has nails on her fingers and toes.  She is healthy and happy and always excited with your pictures.  Plan to come and see her one day.  May God richly bless you as you continue to support Mary.

From, Dad (Pastor Reuben) and Mum (Grace) – March 2010