The Orphanage Building

The Harvest Blessings Centre orphanage in Kenya is a very special place for young children in Kenya who have lost their parents to AIDS, are living in extreme poverty, have been abandoned, or are listed as extreme cases in need of immediate attention.  I think you’ll find that here at HBC we do things just a little bit different and we are more concerned about the child’s long term future rather than just attending to their immediate needs.  This orphanage is run by the local Kenyan people and is governed by a board of American’s and Kenyan’s serving together. Our goal is not to change their culture because we think we are better than them, but rather to preserve their dignity and recognize their ability to help themselves when given the appropriate resources.  Please take your time as you learn about how we are transforming these children’s lives who are now living in the orphanage.

It’s Purpose

Practically speaking, it’s purpose is to provide a safe, stable environment where the child can grow up having both a mother and a father figure within a loving family structure.  We aim to provide meals, clothing, education and discipline with very high standards to allow the child to grow and mature as capable adults to lead the next generation.  We deal with all of their physical, emotional and social needs in a way that they would not have received otherwise.

Samuel & Mwendwa

The orphanage was built out of faith and the call of God to help cover needy children with the love of God in Kenya.  A blanket of hope.  We saw the poverty and the poor conditions these children had to live in and we feel that they need a chance to have a prosperous future.  So we created a center to bless not only the children living there, but all those who are involved with helping these children.  It’s purpose is to bless the children so they in turn can give from what they have received and bless others to keep spreading it out.  Then hopefully, by other’s seeing and being affected by this love which is rooted in God’s love for His children, will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through the process.  The home’s purpose is to give faith, hope, and love where there is none.

How It Operates

How we do things and why we do things that way is what sets us apart and we feel will lead to lasting change.  We are slowly adding more and more children trying not to get to full capacity too quickly.  In the short term, it may be great to help about 58 children all at once, but the quality of care and the long term goal would be compromised due to the overwhelming needs that each individual child has when they are brought into the home.  We have setup certain standards and guidelines when adding children to the home because we are more concerned with the quality of care than just the quantity of children living there.  Because of this we only accept children at the very young age of 3 to 4 years old.  We feel it’s important to get them while they can still be molded and shaped and also to give them at least a year in the home to get acclimated with their new house parents and siblings before they start school.

The selection process is done a number of ways.  We have a volunteer in Kenya who handles locating the needy children, visiting the guardians, getting their consent in writing and bring the children into the orphanage.  Locating a child is usually done by working with various District Children’s Officers to learn of the neediest cases of children that fall within our criteria.

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