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Sponsorship Program

Please take your time reading about our sponsorship program below and if you have any interest in becoming a sponsor or would like to speak with us concerning this, then you may fill out the provided Sponsorship Program Interest Form below.  Also, since we are doing things differently than some other organizations, it may be helpful to read through our “Orphanage” page (if you haven’t already) to understand what specifically is different about this orphanage project.

General Information

The way all sponsorships work is that you begin by filling out the Sponsorship Interest Form below and submit it to us.  If you check that you are willing to begin a sponsorship right away and we have enough information, we will send out a sponsorship packet right away to you.  If you are just expressing interest at the moment, then we will contact you and start some sort of dialog to either answer whatever questions you may have or find out when you would like to begin a sponsorship.  It’s really at your pace and we will never be “pushy” or inconsiderate.  We respect your time and resources and do not wish to cause any anxiety when it comes to ministry.

The sponsorship packet really only consists of an introductory letter, a payment coupon book for two years, and a photo of your child if applicable.  We like the sponsorship amount to be received by the 15th of each month and the payment coupons help to keep you on track.  Also, we ask that you send in the payment coupon for the appropriate month along with your check.  The coupon book is for two years and you will automatically receive a new coupon book after you send in your last payment unless you decide to cancel your sponsorship.

Please Note: All sponsorships start at a minimum of $30/month.  The more you give the more you are helping the orphanage in general.  If you are sponsoring a child and you give more than another sponsor, your child will not receive any more directly, but the staff may be able to buy more and better food for that month.

Child Sponsorship

This tends to to be the most obvious choice and the most popular one as well.  Although, we have a greater need for those who are willing to become General Sponsors to help with the monthly expenses of the home.  We do have a waiting list for those who are currently waiting for a child and some of them are General Sponsors while they wait.  Please see below for information on a “Hybrid Sponsorship” to become a general sponsor while you wait for a child to arrive and your name to be next on the list.  Now for the good stuff.

Sponsoring a child is one of the most rewarding aspects of this project as you form a bond between a child and your family.  They will recognize you as their American family (or the country your from) and you will have many opportunities to interact with them in various ways.  Listed below are some of the ways we try to keep the children connected with their sponsors.

  • Exchanging letters (although at the moment letter writing is one-way).
  • The children make “gifts” for their sponsors occasionally to say thank-you.  They may color a handmade card or just a page.
  • They video record certain events like birthdays, Christmas, and end of the school year assemblies so you can request a DVD from that.
  • Sending birthday cards, family photos, along with small gifts that fit in the envelope to your child.
  • In the future we would like to allow scheduled appointments where the child and sponsor could hold a short conversation using Skype from computer to computer.

General Sponsorship

If you would like to support this project on a regular basis and you don’t necessarily want or need to be connected with a child directly, then this is the perfect option for you.  Also, this is currently our most needed type of sponsorship.  No matter which sponsorship type you choose, we like to keep every sponsor updated on what is happening at the orphanage so they can see what effect their contribution is having.  You will have the opportunity to receive a DVD of past events that took place in the home with the children and staff and also to share letters of encouragement with the staff and children.  There are still many ways to be involved if you choose or you can simply send your sponsorship money and not have much interaction at all.  It’s completely up to you on what you are most comfortable with.

Hybrid Sponsorship

This is a combination of a Child Sponsorship and a General Sponsorship.  The way this would work is that you would initially be setup as a General Sponsor at the amount you specify per month.  Your name would also be put on a waiting list for a child when one is available.  Once a new child is brought into the orphanage and your name is next on the list, then you could begin sponsoring that child.  Nothing would need to change except that now your directly connected to this particular child.

Specific Needs Sponsorship

If you are interested in specifying a specific need to support up until that need is met or on a continual basis, then we can also set you up with one of those sponsorships.  A specific need might be a hired worker’s monthly salary or a particular small project to fulfill a need they may have.  Please contact us if you would like more information with a sponsorship like this if you are interested.