Positive Results

Currently we have over two dozen children enrolled and have seen dramatic improvement in their behavior, social skills, health, education, and their relationship with God.

Some quotes from the house parents…

Grace Mutiso
Grace Mutiso House Parent

Lensa Adhiambo…After the Dec. 2007 elections in our country, the aftermath clashes of Jan. 2008 left her all alone. Her scalp was very sick with ringworms and wounds. Her stomach was extraordinarily big because of worms and malnutrition. Your help came when she really needed it…You made her smile when she didn’t have a reason to.

Grace Mutiso
Grace Mutiso House Parent

Mary Njeri…On her arrival day, you wouldn’t stare at her twice. The kids present in the home would all run away from her screaming. Two & half years old, malnourished , skinny, toes and fingers eaten up by jiggers…she couldn’t have gone another month without medical attention…totally desperate and needing immediate help…but after a month, Mary was looking good, quickly recovering…What a great hope you gave her. She was completely healed.

Pastor Reuben Kariuki
Pastor Reuben Kariuki House Parent

Joel Agape…came a very tormented boy and was opposing any form of authority. He could not let go of any item be it a knife or any sharp object…would scream and fight back. A lot of prayers helped deliver this boy from the bondage of nightmares and hallucinations…he’s ready to obey…perfect peace.

The difference in these children are remarkable and the way they treat their new siblings. They have completely accepted their new family and have been restored to perfect health and unity.