We at Harvest Blessings Centre put the utmost value on children and their education.  We simply cannot ignore this very important need for the children to have quality education that will challenge them to grow and to do great things in their communities and nation.

Because  of this great need, we are in the process of building five, single story school buildings on the same property as the orphanage.  The new school buildings will hold approximately 300 children in grades K—12 and will be offered to the neighboring communities as a private, tuition based school.  The children already living in the orphanage would be exempt from the tuition.  Our goal is to focus on quality education that can’t be found in the public schools and to guide these young men and women to being  strong leaders in their community.

Currently we are in need of individuals, churches, businesses and any like minded organization who would want to work along side of us by being a partner.  If you feel that this is a worthy cause to invest in, then we challenge you to consider being one of our core partners.  Please consider partnering with us as we work together to bring transformation.  Use our Contact page to send us an e-mail or give us a call to learn how to get setup with one of our giving programs.

Read Our Funding Proposal Plan

Video Slide Show of the Building Project


Photo Gallery of Proposed School Building